EOS Online Subsystem: The roadmap planned for 2024

Outlining what we're working on for EOS Online Subsystem for the remainder of 2023 and first half of 2024.
June Rhodes posted on Nov 17, 2023

I don’t usually write up big “here’s what we’re planning on in the future” posts like this. In fact, it’s probably well known by now that I don’t provide ETAs on features or bug fixes because the roadmap for plugins changes frequently.

However, at this point I’ve got a fairly good idea of what the remainder of 2023 and the first half of 2024 is going to look like in terms of EOS Online Subsystem development. It means it will take a longer to get to the next big feature release and a little longer to address support requests while I do important work on the plugin internals, so I wanted to go through what is being done so you know how this benefits you in the future.

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Getting started with UEFS

How to use UEFS to instantly deploy Unreal Engine to every computer in your team.
June Rhodes posted on Nov 4, 2022

UEFS allows you to package up Unreal Engine and instantly use it on every computer in your organisation. All changes to the engine folder are done with copy-on-write, so restoring the engine to it’s original state is as easy as re-mounting the package. This quickstart guide will show you how to set up UEFS in your team or organisation.

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Updated pricing for products

We're updating the prices of some products to reflect the rate of inflation since they were originally released in 2020.
June Rhodes posted on Jul 28, 2022

As you would be aware, many places around the world are currently experiencing high inflation rates, and Australia is no exception. Since some of our products were released in 2020, the cumulative consumer price index change has been 7.7%. The consumer price index reflects the cost of living in Australia and represents the increase in prices for things such as food, transport and health services. Due to the increase in costs for our staff, we need to adjust the price of products that were released in 2020.

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